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Trigo emerges as an innovative Metaverse ecosystem poised to catalyze a profound transformation within the gaming industry

Our mission
Our mission is to provide a seamless and immersive experience for our users, where gaming and the Metaverse come together to create unparalleled entertainment and earning opportunities

At Trigo, we believe in creating a community-driven platform that empowers users and rewards them for their participation. Through Trigo’s innovative Play-to-Earn model, users can earn while playing their favorited games, providing a more inclusive gaming ecosystem where financial limitations do not hinder success.


Millions of users around the world

Trigo’s visionary approach paves the way for a gaming ecosystem that evolves with the players themselves, fostering a vibrant community where innovation knows no bounds. With the Metaverse as its canvas, Trigo is set to redefine the very essence of gaming, setting a new standard for immersive entertainment in the digital age.

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This cutting-edge platform represents a monumental leap forward, introducing an entirely new dimension to interactive gaming experiences. Redefines the boundaries of virtual reality, transcending traditional gaming paradigms and immersing users in a dynamic, interconnected virtual realm.


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Our company was founded in 2020. We work daily to become better and we are ready to share best practices.